Abyssinica Technologies

Natural Language Processing and Cloud Solutions.

Abyssinica: The English-Amharic, Arabic-Amharic and Hebrew-Amharic bilingual translator

The revolutionary bilingual dictionary app. Voice enabled translation; speak the word and listen its Amharic translation! Amharic definitions and words pronunciation using Amharic Text to Speech service. Works offline; no internet connection required when searching words. Arabic and Hebrew translator apps are coming soon in App stores.                    


  • Voice enabled search. When you speak the word, Abyssinica speaks out its Amharic translation for you to listen. Isn't that cool? This requires internet connection. (Android devices)
  • More than 52,000 definition entries.
  • Amharic definitions and words pronunciation using EthioCloud Amharic Text to Speech service.
  • No keyboard setup required to type Amharic. It comes with built in Ethiopic Keyboard and users have a choice to use Latin keyboard to type Amharic.
  • Automatic word suggestions.
  • Multilingual user interface;
  • Multiple User interface themes. Enables you to choose your favorite color and theme.
  • Fast and easy to use.