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Ethiopian Climate Forecast Service

The Ethiopian Climate Forecast and Analysis project is currently under research. The application forecasts climate for every ground point in Ethiopia such as farm lands and villages. It has full geospatial computation to simplify location search. The forecast may not be accurate all the time but it indicates the coming season climate change so that farmers and responsible entities prepare themselves ahead.                

Climate change caused drought is common in Ethiopia. Having such a technology is crucial to minimize drought effects. We brought the forecast results in a simple chart so that users can understand it very easily. The application also provides historical records to compare with the current and coming season climate. Climate data is sourced from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The entire website is in Amharic language. Location names are in both Amharic and English. Vicinity search and administrative hierarchy of locations are included. The Ethiopian weather and climate forecast project is part of Ethiopian Geospatial Intelligence (EGI) which is currently under development. Check it out here.