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Abyssinica Dictionary on Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel

EthioCloud technologies has now been expanded to Microsoft Office Platforms. Last month we have released Abyssinica Amharic - A complete Amharic solution to iOS Systems. Now we just launched Abyssinica Dictionary (A  bilingual translator software) to Microsoft Office Store. Abyssinica Dictionary Office App helps you to translate a word into English or Amharic within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. Select a word in a document or type the word in the search field. Abyssinica displays definitions of the word and Wikipedia entries in Amharic and English.

Now you do not have to worry about the definition of a term in a document; just click on it you will get its translation and details of it!

Abyssinica Dictionary is not just a simple dictionary. It could be used as a knowledge source specially for students, professionals and translators. It searches  entries in both Amharic and English languages and displays complete description of the searched term, and also provides a link to Wikipedia pages specific to the searched term. Abyssinica shows you slide show of pictures for the searched object. Abyssinica Dictionary Office App works on desktops, mobiles, tablets, cloud, etc.

Abyssinica Dictionary is available on Microsoft Office store for free download. Follow the below instruction to get it on your Office 2013 and later Applications.

Abyssinica Dictionary on Microsoft Office Word

Automatically shows you the translation of the selected word in the document. Abyssinica is intelligent to detect the language of the selected word and adjusts itself to provide you the appropriate translation.

Abyssinica Dictionary on Microsoft Office Word

You can detach Abyssinica out of the document and move it to anywhere you like on your screen, but Abyssinica still knows your selection in the document and translate it for you.

Abyssinica Dictionary on Microsoft Office Word

Abyssinica Dictionary can also be used as a separate dictionary on your computer. You can type Amharic or English word in the text fields to get its translation.

Abyssinica as Desktop Dictionary

Installation Steps

Adding Abyssinica to your Microsoft Office Applications is very simple. There is nothing that you download. It is already available in the Office Store. Just open your Office Application and follow these steps or watch the below video.

Abyssinica Dictionary Installation Steps

Abyssinica Dictionary Installation Guide Video

For more installation guides and detail videos please visit dictionary.abyssinica.com