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Abyssinica Spelling - Amharic Spell Checker for Microsoft Word

Yes, Amharic spell checker for Microsoft Word. Abyssinica Spelling is the first Amharic spell checker available for Word. It is now available on Microsoft Word 2016 or later versions for both Mac and Windows.

Abyssinica Spelling

Spell checker system development for morphologically complex languages like Amharic is not a trivial task. A single Amharic verb derivation could produce over 4000 grammatically correct conjugations. The system checks thousands of possibilities before making the final decision on an input word. Abyssinica Spelling uses artificial intelligence based algorithms- which means it learns from user’s experience. The more people use it, the more it gets better.

Abyssinica Spelling

Abyssinica Spelling is backed by the giant Amharic dictionary, Abyssinica Dictionary. Quick definitions for each suggestion word may be available.

Get Abyssinica on Microsoft Office Word 2016 in just 4 easy steps.

Abyssinica Spelling

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