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Abyssinica Translator - The Amharic Machine Translator.

አቢሲኒካ ተርጓሚ - የአማርኛ ትርጉም አውታር።

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Abyssinica® Translator

  • Context aware translation with better accuracy.
  • Better Entity name recognition.
  • Founded on the original Amharic Grammar.

Abyssinica translator is the result of research and development by the Abyssinica® team who labored for many years to bring Amharic to the digital age. Translating Amharic to English and other languages, and translating other languages to Amharic, empowers users and brings immense benefits. Education, culture, literature, commerce, tourism and economic development are among the beneficiaries. Foreigners who want to study the rich culture and history of Ethiopia, and who travel and engage in commerce will find translators very useful.