EthioCloud: AI and Cloud Services

EthioCloud provides resources and technology consulting on Ethiopian languages and related software development. Our technology is based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud services. Our cloud services include Amharic Translator, Amharic Speech Recognition, Amharic Text to Speech, Search Engine, Amharic OCR, Ethiopian Languages dictionaries, Geospatial Intelligence and more.

EthioCloud is an innovative producer of information processing software applications and services to facilitate human machine interaction and to develop technologies to access multilingual knowledge resources.

Furthermore, we provide a solution to your specific business need. Please contact us, for more information.

Abyssinica AI

Abyssinica GPT, Translator, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis,
Abyssinica GPT - Chat with Abyssinica AI assistant in Amharic.

Abyssinica AI

Abyssinica Search Engine

Search the internet in Amharic.

Abyssinica Search


Write Computer Code in Your Native Language


Abyssinica Dictionary

The largest Amharic multilingual dictionary

Abyssinica Dicationary